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Products and services

KW Solar is specialized in solar systems for hot water, house heating, pool heating and heat pumps.

We can offer the complete material to install a high quality solar system, help you with the design and installation of the system or offer a complete turn key solar and heating system. 15 Years of experience in this area and a large number of satisfied clients can guarantee for serious and professional advice and a reliable working system.

Our Products:
  • Solar systems for hot water: For hot water we can offer our product line "Compact water heaters" and our product line of pumped systems.
  • Solar systems for heating
  • Solar pool heating systems (separate product point)
  • Heat pumps for house heating and for pool heating, normally in combination with a solar installation.
  • Design and advice for all type of hot water and house heating systems.
  • Electricity generation with photovoltaic solar panels.

Solar energy for hot water and house heating

Compact water heaters
The "compact" systems have the solar collector and the water tank together. It is a passive system, which means that no pump or other external devices are necessary. It is a very good solution, if we do not have electricity available.
The water is heated up directly by the solar collector, with almost no losses in the heat transfer from the solar panel to the water storage tank. The compact system is more simple (less components) and economical than a pumped one.

An important condition for the use of the "compact" system is that the distance between the solar water heater and the connection to the house is not too long, so it does not take too much time to get hot water in the house. Generally you can find compact equipments for households up to 5 or 6 persons. If you want solar installations for bigger houses or to combine the hot water system with the house heating, you have to go for the pumped system, which is more flexible. If the sun is shining, even in January you can get temperatures of up to 90ºC !
Click here to see real data of the temperature in a compact water heater installed by KW Solar (temporary taken out).

Pumped systems
In this type, the solar panel is usually mounted on the roof of the house, and the water tank is positioned somewhere inside the house, preferably as near as possible to where the hot water is finally used. A mains powered circulation pump is used to transfer the solar fluid between the solar panel and the water storage tank, transferring the heat from the solar panel to the water. A controller is required, which measures when the solar fluid is hotter in the panels than in the tank and puts the pump into operation.

One advantage of the pumped system is that the tank is nearer to where the hot water is needed and that the tank has less heat losses, because it is not exposed to the weather outside. Another advantage is its flexibility. You can make it almost as big as you like (for example for hotels or camping's...) and you can combine the systems with the house heating, (using more panels of course).
Although the pumped system is more expensive than the compact system, it is often used as well because the visual impact on the house is less. In some solutions the solar panels can be integrated, for example in the roof of the house (as you can see in our photo gallery), using them even as a design object for the house.
We offer complete packages for any typ of house, hotel, camping ...

These packages (solar kits) consist of:
  • Solarpanels
  • Hot water tank
  • Security group (Overpressure valev, expansion vessel, filling mechanism.....)
  • Digital control unit
  • Pump

Solar pool heating and pool covers

We work with solar pool heating panels and with heat pumps. We can offer the system that best suits your needs, including the pool cover. Please look explanation at separate product point!

Complete heating systems for your house

We can offer complete solutions for house heating. We do install floor heating systems, radiator house heating or fan coils. The heater can be a heat pump (normally in combination with a solar system), oil, gas heater or a biomass heating system (biomass boiler, pellet stove, wood burning fireplace).

Photovoltaics (PV)

If you don't have a mains connection at your house, we can also offer a solution for this, generally a Photovoltaic solar system in combination with a generator.

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